Berko® and Qmark® brands of compact freeze protection heaters are engineered for light commercial and residential use, costing less to operate than large plenum heaters, according to the company. The PHFP25 and CHPR25 units are uniquely designed for installation in concealed spaces, including crawl spaces, plenum spaces, and the areas between finished ceilings and drop ceilings. They offer a high comfort level with a fan-delay feature, eliminating cold-air circulation at startup, and a thermostat range of 40° to 90°F. The units are designed to quietly achieve uniform heating and long-lasting, maintenance-free operation. They feature steel-finned, low-watt density elements arranged in uniform grid patterns and totally enclosed, permanently lubricated fan motors. The units are rated for zero clearance to any surface mounted next to the sides, top, and bottom of the metal cabinet. Standard features include a high-limit thermal cutout, a highly accurate bulb and capillary type thermostat with a positive off, and a five-year warranty.

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