MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - Nancy McKeraghan, Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) chair, announced Michael Claassen, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, as the most recent recipient of the Orvil L. Davie Memorial Fund bursary.

Claassen will be completing his Mechanical Engineering Technology diploma program in June 2007. He is seeking a career in the HVACR industry because of his interest in sustainable energy and energy efficient design. Claassen believes that more efficient HVACR products and designs will be an important consideration in the future.

Tim Bekolay, National Energy Equipment Inc., presented Claassen with his award at the National Energy Equipment Inc. office in Saskatchewan.

Recipients of the Orvil L. Davie Bursary can apply the award to their registration/tuition fees, training materials, or travel and living expenses related to their course of study.

Publication date:05/14/2007