Henry Munoz (left), AAA business owner, stands with Sherry Troutman and Dan Osterman, lead installer, after installing a new OHAC Mobile Home Unit system.

GULFPORT, Miss. - AAA One Hour Heating & Cooling came to the aid of Sherry Troutman, a local woman who, due to health conditions, was in dire need of a cooling system in her home. Financial setbacks had kept her from having an HVAC system installed that met her housing community’s standards, and her health and wellness was suffering as a result.

When AAA One Hour Heating & Cooling heard her story, they researched their client list and realized that they had previously helped Troutman in 2006 with her HVAC system. After contacting Troutman and assessing her needs, Henry Munoz, AAA business owner, decided that the best approach was to install a completely new system. Given her financial situation, One Hour donated and installed an OHAC Mobile Home Unit system by the next afternoon.

“When we heard of Ms. Troutman’s dilemma, we wanted to help. Members of the Gulfport community are extremely important to us, and where there is need, we want to be of service,” said Munoz. “Considering our previous relationship with Ms. Troutman, we knew how necessary a cooling system was for her well-being and we are thankful that One Hour Air could play a small part in helping her situation.”

Publication Date:12/24/2007