WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) supports the advancement of technology through research and development in areas such as Sensors and Automation (S&A). S&A teams with industry partners to develop cross-cutting technologies that optimize facility operations and productivity. General Electric (GE) is one ITP partner that is successfully moving wireless technology into the commercial market through a variety of different applications.

Through ITP funding, GE and its subcontractors are developing a standards-based wireless sensor technology. Using this core wireless technology, GE has commercialized two products for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. LabWatch™, a wireless facilities monitoring system, can monitor temperature and other parameters at a low cost unattainable with a wired system, says DOE. It also enables storage conditions to be controlled more accurately. ValProbe™ is designed to ensure exact data collection through monitoring temperature, humidity, and pressure, preventing reruns due to insufficient or incorrect data.

For more information on LabWatch, visit www.kayeinstruments.com/validationproducts/labwatch.htm. For more information on ValProbe, visit www.kayeinstruments.com/validationproducts/valprobe.htm.

Publication date:05/21/2007