NEW YORK - In the spirit of the recent Small Business Week,Forbesmagazine is doing its part to help small firms bloom into future giants with its inaugural "Boost Your Business" contest.

To enter, submit the name of your small business - it must be a going concern, not the seed of an idea - along with a 500-word description of what it does and how you would invest that money. Entries will be judged by small-business experts andForbeseditors and readers. Deadline is May 31, 2007.

The magazine notes that 500 words is not a lot of space, so make them count. Clearly and specifically convey how your business makes money and what its advantages are over the competition. Then map a reasonable chart for growth, demonstrating - again, specifically - how you would use that $100,000 to improve your business.

To enter the Boost Your Business contest, go to

Publication date:05/14/2007