ARLINGTON, Va. - North American Technician Excellence (NATE) continues to beta test the install versions of the Refrigeration exams - Light Commercial Refrigeration Install (fractional up to 7.5 hp) and Commercial Refrigeration Install (7.5 hp-80 hp) - until Nov. 2. The beta tests are free of charge. NATE will also give participating technicians another test of their choice for free. The second test must be taken within the same testing session. Beta exams are not available online.

Test results will be withheld until all beta testing is finalized. At that time participants will be given their grades, and if qualified, their commercial certifications.

“This is a good way to earn an additional (or first) NATE certification and to help the industry at the same time,” said NATE. “Your efforts help proof the final tests, and you can earn certification too.”

To take one of the beta exams, contact a local testing center.

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Publication date:09/10/2007