The Baron brand Baro-Split mini-split cables are designed for the HVAC market. They are available in three constructions: Corra/Clad® MC, Compact 600®, and Shielded Low Voltage Cables. The Corra/Clad MC cable consists of soft-drawn annealed solid copper conductors, cabled with fillers and wrapped with an overall solid Flexi-Rib™ aluminum sheath. The continuous sheath provides watertight protection and is covered with a PVC outer jacket for outdoor use or direct burial. This cable meets all electrical codes for mini-split installations. In addition, the cables are UL approved and meet or exceed the requirements of NEC Article 330. Compact 600® is a control tray cable with a TPE jacket and is direct burial rated. According to the manufacturer, in many jurisdictions, a mini-split system is considered an appliance or white good, and can be installed using flexible cord. Shielded Low Voltage Cable is an 18/2 stranded bare copper with an overall shield, which is required on control circuits for many models. The cable is ETL-approved, sunlight-resistant, and outdoor-rated. All three products are available in standard reels of 250 or 500 feet, as well as 50-foot lengths.

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