With more manufacturers building R-410A systems, the need for training and certification continues to grow. To assist educators and trainers in teaching R-410A safety, installation, and service, the ESCO Institute has released two new teaching aides.

An instructors’ guide includes a section-by-section overview, objectives, and lesson plans. Also included is section-by-section mapping, a new Power Point presentation, and approximate time frames. (The Power Point presentation with speaker notes is available separately.)

According to ESCO Institute, “It is essential that educators and trainers in our industry successfully prepare students and technicians to shift to different tools and equipment, safety standards, and fundamentals when installing, changing out (retrofitting) older split a/c systems, and repairing systems in the field.

“We need to know why R-410A can only be used in equipment specifically designed and constructed for R-410A, and cannot be retrofitted from R-22 systems. We need to know why R-410A operates at considerably higher pressures and requires the use of special tanks, gauges, and recovery equipment, and how to properly handle R-410A for the safety of everyone. We need to know why all refrigerant flow controls, valves, and driers have changed and must be properly applied with newly designed and built compressors.”

For more information, contact ESCO Institute at 800-726-9696.

Publication date:08/06/2007