MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - In response to a member resolution from the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada’s (HRAI’s) 2006 Annual General Meeting, HRAI has established an industry databank to provide information that will help members better understand renewables - specifically geothermal and solar technologies.

According to the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, over 40,000 geothermal heat pumps are installed annually for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The industry currently accounts for less than 1 percent of Canadian heating and cooling systems; however, it is growing rapidly - approximately 44 percent annually in both 2005 and 2006.

The databank is now on the HRAI Website (under the HRAI tab – Renewables Databank) and will be updated as programs progress.

For more information or to explore the databank, visit www.hrai.ca.

Publication date:09/03/2007