COMPANY:Robinson Heating and Cooling, Cedar Springs, Mich.

INSTALLATION:Ruud Achiever Series UGRA High-Efficiency Propane Furnaces

COMPLETION:Project Completed

CUSTOMER:Sable Developing Inc., Rockford, Mich.

OBJECTIVE:Provide gas power to appliances for a subdivision far from power lines.

DESCRIPTION:Robinson Heating and Cooling provided the Ruud Achiever Series UGRA high-efficiency propane furnaces that Sable Developing Inc. installed in its Vista View subdivision. This Solon Township, Mich., neighborhood was designed and built around propane energy. Four 1,000-gallon underground tanks were positioned to ensure constant and consistent gas pressure to 82 Vista View homes, comprising a centralized distribution system with propane gas mains running along the streets to each home. Every home in Vista View is equipped with a high-efficiency propane furnace, water heater, range, and dryer. In addition, all homes are plumbed with gas lines to fuel outdoor rooms that include pool heaters, hot tubs, grills, and garage heaters.

“Underground propane tanks are clearly the way to go,” said Bruce Bylsma, director of sales and marketing for Sable.

“Buyers like the aesthetics, the absence of the tank. They also see propane as more cost effective than electricity.”
- Bruce Bylsma, director of sales and marketing for Sable

Publication date:09/03/2007