ST. LOUIS - MarCraft® Custom Air Handling Systems, a division of Arizon® Companies, recently conducted an efficiency program in its main manufacturing plant. The program was multifaceted and included extensive material and equipment audits, data analyses, streamlining processes, and investing in state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

The program took several months and involved all MarCraft engineers, managers, production leads, and assembly personnel. Results of the program include increased throughput capabilities in the MarCraft plant, greater efficiencies in all levels of production, detailed accuracy in raw material use, and reduction in overall time-to-market.

“With our solid backlog and our recent investment in new machinery, we are able to realize greater efficiencies in our production process, allowing us to pass these cost savings on to our customers,” said Doug Howery, division manager, MarCraft.

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Publication Date:08/27/2007