The CC750 Comfort Control Center is the first variable-frequency/variable-voltage blower motor speed control that enables the installer to fine-tune key parameters for advanced control of air quality and moisture levels at each individual installation, says the company. The CC750 enhances comfort and IAQ in both residential and small commercial settings by controlling the blower speed in the existing air conditioner or heat pump systems. This results in reduced humidity levels by removing excess moisture in the air, creating drier, more comfortable air. During colder months, the CC750 also provides warmer air discharge temperatures for heat pumps. Energy savings can be achieved through higher set point temperatures, as the resulting drier air allows the end user to raise the set point temperature on the thermostat while still maintaining the same perceived level of comfort. It is available in 115-vac (CC750-115) and 230-vac (CC750-230) models.

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