Software package 62.1-2007 Comply makes calculating and documenting compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007 quicker and easier. According to the company, the software suite can significantly reduce ventilation air requirements by improving the ventilation efficiency of poor-efficiency building zones. The software includes over 15 programs, tables, and forms. The programs calculate the required outdoor air (OA) quantity for each air-handling system based on space type/application, occupancy level, and floor area. Proprietary optimization procedures can be applied to each multiple-zone system to ensure that the prescribed OA quantities are being met, while ensuring that the OA quantities are not grossly excessive. Blank take-off form sheets can be printed and used to assemble the required input data for each air-handling system. Input sheets also can be filled in on the computer and the values copied to the input locations in the programs.

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