EAST PETERSBURG, Pa. - “Breaking the Laws of Physics - Don’t Do the Crime If You Can’t Do the (Service) Time” is the title of an upcoming Dan Holohan, industry steam and hydronics expert, seminar being held Oct. 17. Some of the topics he plans to cover in the seminar include: High Pressure Goes to Low Pressure - Always, The Law of Gravity, Water Seeks Its Own Level - Sometimes, Boyle’s Law, Henry’s Law, Murphy’s Law, and more. The seminar begins with a tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia. After the tour, attendees will go to Jack’s Firehouse Restaurant for the seminar and dinner. Event sponsor, Crown Boilers, Philadelphia, is donating all seminar proceeds to the Oil Heat Cares program.

For more information, visit www.naohsm.org.

Publication Date:08/20/2007