SAN ANTONIO - Elections for new officers were held as part of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) annual business meeting at its 70th Annual Conference in San Antonio. Members elected a new slate of officers to serve terms from 2007-2008.

As part of the proceedings, RSES executive committee officer elections were held. RSES’ new officers include International President Allan Smith; International Vice President Larry Lynn; International Treasurer Bruce Kamperschroer; International Secretary Harrison O. Travis III; International Sergeant at Arms Robert J. Sherman; and Chairman, Educational & Examining Board Roger M. Hensley.

Elected to the board of directors was Richard Hoke, who is serving as Region 8 director taking the place of Smith, who stepped down from the regional post upon his election as international president.

Regional directors re-elected to the board include Region 1, Jim Byrd; Region 4, Harlan ‘Skip’ Krepcik; Region 10, Travis; Region 11, Kamperschroer; Region 13, Leonard M. Holst; Region 14, Rollo A. Larson; Region 15, Sherman; Region 16, Wes Maxfield; and Region 17, Nick Reggi.

Returning regional directors include Region 2, William J. Parlapiano III; Region 3, George S. Friedman; Region 5, Lawrence R. Donaldson; Region 6 William E. Sammons; Region 7, Lynn; Region 9, Eckstein; and Region 12, Roger McDonald Hunter.

Publication date:10/15/2007