MILWAUKEE - Arteche PQ Inc., a leading manufacturer of electrical power quality equipment for improvement of power factor and reduction of harmonic distortion, has announced the opening of a North American technical sales office and warehouse in Wisconsin. The company said it established the new facility due to an increasing demand for harmonic filtering equipment in the HVAC market.

This new multipurpose location provides warehousing, technical support, sales offices, and a training facility. The new location will handle all North American sales and support for the company’s power quality products including harmonic filters and power factor correction equipment. Inventory will be maintained for all of its low voltage power quality products as well as some medium voltage equipment.

Gary Anderson, president and general manager, said, “Having a sales office and warehouse facility in the U.S. is critical to Arteche PQ’s success. Arteche’s financial investment in this facility, complete with product inventory, is a strong statement that supports their long-term commitment to be a dominant supplier of power quality equipment in North America. The facility is equipped with state of the art communication and computer equipment. Arteche’s investment in a modern training facility combined with technical documentation and demonstration equipment will make Arteche PQ’s sales representatives the best and most knowledgeable in the industry.”

The Arteche Group is a privately held European manufacturer with corporate headquarters in northern Spain and eight manufacturing facilities around the world. Its products are used globally by utilities as well as commercial and industrial customers. Arteche produces electrical equipment for low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage electrical systems.

Arteche PQ Inc., a Wisconsin corporation and subsidiary of Arteche Group, specializes in the design and manufacture of products to improve electrical efficiency and the quality of electrical power in a facility, on a transmission grid or on an electrical distribution network.

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Publication date:09/03/2007