The Carmel Data Input Service is offered to the company’s new and existing licensees. The company’s trained personnel input the building and/or engineering data required for any of a client’s HVAC projects into one of the company’s HVAC load calculation and duct sizing software programs. Data can be input for one or more of the following programs that a client currently licenses: Loadsoft 6.0, Residential 5.0, Duct Size 6.0, Green Toolbox 5.0, and Psychrometric 5.0. The company will provide the complete project information via an e-mail attachment that can be imported into the client’s software; printouts and/or PDFs of all the reports generated by the software, including summary and breakdown reports; and an Excel spreadsheet with a breakdown of all load components by HVAC system and room (for Loadsoft and Residential only).

Carmel Software Corp., P.O. Box 150037, San Rafael, CA 94915-0037; 800-339-6030; 214-242-2639 (fax);;

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