A new series of monitoring and alternating relays protect control systems from premature equipment failure and danger to personnel caused by voltage faults, current conditions or excessive load requirements. According to the manufacturer, the monitoring and alternating relays can be customized quickly and efficiently to meet unique application parameters. Examples of typical customizations include fixed settings (with or without knobs), remote adjustments, and special pin configurations. Providing protection against voltage faults on three-phase systems, the D65 Series plug-in and surface mount phase monitoring relays protect against a variety of voltage conditions. The D65V Series monitors ac single-phase (50/60 Hz) or dc voltages to protect equipment against voltage fault conditions. The D65C Series offers a broad range of current monitoring relays, and are reliable for monitoring ac single-phase currents for over- or undercurrent conditions in three current ranges: 0.1-1A, 0.5-5A, and 1-10A. The D85 Series equalizes the run time of two loads through the use of control switches (float switch, manual switch, timing relay, pressure switch, etc).

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