The 42515 wide-range infrared thermometer with type K input is capable of measuring temperature using both contact and noncontact methods. It stores up to 20 readings. The thermometer delivers a wide temperature range for infrared measurements between -58° and 1,472°F (-50° and 800°C) as well as the type K thermocouple measurements between -58° and 2,498°F (-50° and 1,370°C). Emissivity is manually adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00 and features automatic adjustment for temperatures of 212° or higher. The thermometer features a large backlit LCD, which displays measurements and programming parameters such as highest, lowest, average, and maximum minus minimum values. An adjustable high-low alarm alerts the user visually and audibly when the temperature exceeds programmed limits. Features include a laser pointer, for better aim and accuracy, auto-hold, which activates when the measurement trigger is released, and switches built into the handle that allow for easy Celsius/Fahrenheit display selection, auto power off, and alarm on-off control.

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