DALLAS - GE ECM by Regal-Beloit has unveiled its sixth generation of premium ECM residential HVAC blower motors, the ThinkTank 3.0 blower motor. The new motor features BlakBox Technology for diagnosing system functions and customizing unit performance.

The AirKom operating system gives the ThinkTank 3.0 an ability to talk and listen, while BlakBox stores motor performance data, even in the event of a failure. For contractors, a self-aware motor means that existing equipment can be made more reliable as manufacturers use the collected field data to refine manufacturing processes, make modifications to existing products, and create features that simplify service.

For example, using AirKom’s communication protocols, an ECM 3.0 motor can pass along error reports, warning messages, and service requests to consumers or contractors. A motor that suddenly begins running 30º F hotter could notify the homeowner that the equipment requires attention in order to avoid a costly system breakdown later.