The latest Internet-enabled thermostats, models TM220 and TM250, combine features of the company’s Network Thermostat (NT) Series with the added capability of independent alarming on two external sensor inputs. These inputs can sense temperature with the company’s line of thermistor sensors or sense the closure of an external relay. According to the manufacturer, the thermostats are ideal for light commercial facilities that require inexpensive remote HVAC management and refrigeration monitoring. The TM220 and TM250 share identical features. In addition, the TM250 also senses and controls rh in a single HVAC zone. Predefined rh limits may trigger dehumidification by forcing on the a/c system or by triggering a relay to actuate an external dehumidifier. The unit will send an e-mail of text message alarms if the rh exceeds a predefined threshold or falls below a preset limit.

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