A fresh-air intake system (FAIS) brings fresh, filtered outside air into the home and minimizes outside air filtration from the crawlspace and other leaks in the building. It provides filtered outside air directly to the air handler for conditioning and mixing with the house air. It helps stabilize negative pressures and back-drafting created by exhaust fans such as the dryer, stove, and bathroom exhaust fans. The FAIS uses three filters: a carbon pre-filter, a reusable electrostatic filter (which can be cleaned in the dishwasher), and a HEPA filter. A filter return grille is attached to the exterior of the building and an air duct is connected to the return side of the HVAC system. A damper can be set to regulate the amount of outside air entering the home and an automatic backflow valve keeps house air from being expelled when the central air system is not in use. The cfm intake can be adjusted to the desired level.

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