Polymer tube indirect evaporative coolers achieve a nominal 75 percent wet bulb depression effectiveness. A new, patented process has been developed for manufacturing polymer heat exchangers, resulting in quality product assembled in less time than previously. The polymer tube construction prevents corrosion and the unit design eliminates water leakage. All exchangers consist of vertical polymer tubes 48 inches long. Modules can be grouped in parallel for higher airflows. The evaporative coolers have efficiency values of over 20 EER and a nominal scfm of 2,000 to 10,000, depending on the model. They can cool outdoor air 30°F or more. The evaporative coolers have been used to cool outdoor air for a variety of facility types, using a fraction of the power required by refrigeration-based cooling systems, as low as 0.1 kilowatt per ton, claims the company.

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Publication date: 11/27/2006