TOLEDO, Ohio - Building materials manufacturer Owens Corning has introduced the Owens Corning Commercial Energy Calculator, a simple way to demonstrate how improving the performance of the envelope and/or lighting and HVAC systems can help a metal building owner qualify for tax deductions under the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

In addition, it also estimates the payback period for any combination of thermal efficiency measures within the metal building.

The calculator, which is focused on helping building owners reduce energy costs, decrease payback times, and understand tax deduction qualifications under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, collects building information such as:

• Location

• Size

• Roof type

• Space conditioning category

• Window areas

After entering the information, the Commercial Energy Calculator develops a baseline building snapshot of the minimum envelope, lighting, and HVAC requirements.

According to the company, the launch of this tool coincides with a heightened awareness among members of the United States industrial and regulatory communities of the impact of energy consumption on the global environment and the importance of conserving this resource. According to a report released in March 2007 by the United Nations Environment Programme's Sustainable Construction and Building Initiative, the global building sector accounts for 30 to 40 percent of global energy use.

"Energy efficiency improvements of between 30 to 50 percent in new and existing buildings are both practical and cost effective," said Jennifer Rygalski, business manager, Metal Building Insulation, Owens Corning. "Owens Corning understands that energy efficiency is the 'first fuel,' and by implementing this tool with our customers and continuing to work with them to reduce our collective energy footprint we can save the energy equivalent of millions of barrels of oil."

The Owens Corning Commercial Energy Calculator is available online to Owens Corning customers at Contractors looking for an Owens Corning Metal Building insulation distributor in their state can locate qualified distributors from the pull-down menu on the site.

Publication date:07/16/2007