The PLS® 2 thread and gasket sealer formula can be used even in the most demanding industrial settings, says the company. The sealant can be applied to seal pipe joints, plugs, screwed fittings, and gasketed connections in environments including steam systems, refrigeration systems, and gas service. The nonhardening, nontoxic sealant adheres readily to iron, stainless steel, aluminum, monel, plastics, and synthetic rubber compounds. It can be safely used with dilutic acids, aliphatic solvents, ammonia, dilute caustic alkali, chlorine, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, LPG, natural gas, petroleum solvents, heating and hydraulic oils, refrigerants, steam, and other elements. The sealant is available in a 2-ounce tube, 1/4- and 1-pint brush top jar, and 5-gallon pail. The opaque gray paste is lead-free.

Gasoila Chemicals, a Federal Process Corp. Co., 4620 Richmond Rd., Cleveland, OH 44128; 216-464-6440 or 800-846-7325; 216-464-2080 (fax);

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