The EZ Wire™ plug-in zone damper system can be installed in new installations of square or round ducts. Plug-in dampers; standard telephone cord; energy-efficient, low-voltage DC motors; screwless terminals; and color-coded wiring blocks make installation easy. Each motor has a two-color (red-green) LED to show the damper’s position. The Retro-Round™ insertable damper can be cost effectively installed to retrofit any rigid metal ductwork. It can be used to zone individual branch runs. Each damper includes a 25-foot damper cable with standard RJ11 jacks on each end. Other EZ Wire system components include the Model PPM plug-and-play zone module, MasterZone™ plug-in zoning panels, Model RDP round damper with plug-in motor, and Model ZDP zone damper with plug-in motor.

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