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Print advertising is an important part of every advertising campaign.The NEWS’Top Ads of 2006 were prime examples of how different types of good advertising works for each company. Every year the common denominator of the winning ads varies. This year the common link among winners was their innovative headlines. (See article about industry leaders and how they create successful headlines at

Of course judging advertisements can be rather subjective andThe NEWSdid not want this to strictly be a popularity contest. Extra steps were taken to deliver results based on science.The NEWSturned to professional research studies to provide advertisers with input regarding the ads placed in this publication. These periodic studies are designed to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and provide them with feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Not every issue gets this treatment.

This year, the researchers reviewed the ads in the Nov. 14, 2005, issue, as well as the Jan. 23, March 20, April 17, June 19, and Sept. 18, 2006, issues. (Note: The Nov. 13, 2006, issue was also studied, but results were not available by press time and could not be factored into the 2006 selection process.) Readership of each item is reported to the advertiser, addressing the percentage of readers who saw an ad and the percentage who found it noticeably interesting.The NEWScompiled these two respective numbers to produce a concrete number.

After compiling the numbers in the Readex Research survey, a different-than-usual ad, wrapping around the Jan. 23 issue, had earned a lofty 96 percent in the “saw the item” category and 76 percent ranking in the “found the item of interest” category.

“Being a cover wrap, it naturally draws attention since you must remove it to read the publication,” said Karen Collins, marketing communications manager for Broan-NuTone. “But beyond the obvious, the graphics for the wrap were dramatic in color and a creative presentation of our new Broan ultra silent humidity sensing fan.”

In Collins’ estimation, the selected cover wrap was a “very successful vehicle” for the introduction of the company’s new humidity-sensing fan.

“It attracted immediate awareness and directed [Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Expo] show attendees to the Broan booth to experience both the innovative technology and stylish design of this revolutionary new product,” said Collins.

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Publication date:12/11/2006