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“proven reliability”

When it comes to ads, simple can work. This ad’s minimal words - along with one well-lit product image - helped keep the ad short, sweet, and to the point. According to Pam Enstad, director of marketing communications for Honeywell Environmental Combustion and Controls, the ad’s “proven reliability” message was designed to 1) resonate with contractors who already use VisionPRO, and 2) communicate the thermostat’s benefits to contractors who may not have made the transition to VisionPRO yet.

“The ad briefly communicated the facts: Contractors who currently install VisionPRO across the country know it is working reliably in their customers’ homes,” she said.

“Its touch screen technology makes thermostat programming easy for those homeowners. It also communicated the underlying message that VisionPRO makes contractors’ lives easier. It reduces service callbacks, and it is the perfect fit for nearly every HVAC system.”

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Publication date:12/11/2006