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ADVERTISER: Carrier Corp.
Quiet, comfortable air makes for quiet, comfortable guests.

Ron Bench, sales manager for PTAC at Carrier, believes this ad was a hit withNEWSreaders for the fact that “Carrier’s No. 1 goal, like contractors, is customer satisfaction.”

“The ad clearly supports why Carrier’s PTAC products are the best choice to ensure customer satisfaction,” said Bench. “We are proud to have been chosen byThe NEWSreaders and contractors as one of the top ads in 2006.”

In creating this ad, Bench said the company wanted to communicate the benefits of Carrier’s packaged terminal air conditioners.

“Our PTAC units are highly efficient, providing for lower operating costs,” he said. “The enhanced sound quality of our units decreases sound levels, improving the quality of stay for guests. The Carrier PTAC line is truly unmatched.”

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Publication date:12/11/2006