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Ruud Supports Contractors In Very Special Ways Because … Our Focus Is YOU!

Rheem Heating and Cooling Product Guide

Ed Raniszeski, director of market development and communications for Rheem Heating & Cooling Division, was naturally pleased his company placed high onThe NEWS’2006 ad hit list.

“We have heard contractors loud and clear,” said Raniszeski.

“They want to know how manufacturers and brands can assist them generate sales leads and increase profits. They also want to have honest, direct answers to these questions without the usual exaggeration and marketing smoke.

“While the Ruud and Rheem inserts were dedicated to two completely different subjects, they were both direct and to the point. We respect that contractors have precious little personal time, and we are not about to impose on their time with flowery, long-winded messages.”

In short, the Ruud “Our Focus Is YOU!” insert summarized how Ruud can assist contractors with a full menu of business-building products, programs, and services. Meanwhile, the “Rheem Heating and Cooling Product Guide” gave readers a quick-reference chart showing the complete line of Rheem residential and commercial products.

“We think both of these inserts were successful because they gave contractors unvarnished, useful information in compact formats that were helpful, easy to use, and could be saved for future reference,” said Raniszeski. “In fact, they were so popular, we had to reprint them to fill requests for additional copies.”

According to Raniszeski, the company’s goal for these inserts was designed to give contractors information that they could find useful in operating their business and decision-making.

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“We are an extremely customer-driven company; while some may believe it their role to ‘show and tell’ contractors how to do things, Rheem and Ruud have a lot of confidence that the majority of contractors are very astute and know their customers and markets,” he explained.

“We let contractors tell us because it’s not about what we want, it’s about what they need. We listen, add innovation and creativity, and respond with the things contractors tell us they want and need.” Raniszeski said the advertisements produced at Rheem and Ruud is consistent with that philosophy.

“The purpose of these two inserts was to simply give contractors what they said they would find interesting and important in running their business,” he said.

“We are truly honored to know that these two insertions were judged byThe NEWS’readers to be worthy of their time and attention.”

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Publication date:12/11/2006