DALLAS - Less noise and higher energy efficiency were definitely the buzz terms used by ventilation product manufacturers at the 2007 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Fans can be loud, and they can also consume a lot of energy, which is why most manufacturers showing their products in Dallas have taken steps to address both of these issues. In addition, many ventilation products are now designed to be more aesthetically pleasing, which is sure to please the pickiest customer.


AirKing(www.airkinglimited.com) displayed its High Performance Exhaust Fan Series, which offers time saving, easy installation with an innovative mounting system. Two new Energy Star models were introduced as part of this Series: The BFQ50, which is a 50-cfm exhaust fan that operates at 1.0 sone, and the BFQ75, a 70 cfm exhaust fan that operates at 2.0 sones.

The company also introduced its series of inline exhaust fans. The AIF Series inline fans utilize an external rotor motorized impeller, which results in dependable performance. Fan kits are available that include the fan long with low profile and unobtrusive inlet grilles for either a single port or dual port installation.

Worth Home Products introduced its line of luxury return air grilles, which the company dubbed "Beauty and the Beast."

In addition, AirKing showcased its new AK55L Advantage Combination Ceramic Heater, which features a 100 W incandescent light and a 70 cfm ventilation fan, which removes moisture from the room. A 1,350 W ceramic heating element brings warmth and comfort into the room.

Atmosphere (www.atmosphere.com) introduced its V-Series Vortex Powerfans, which are high-performance inline blowers that feature steel construction with powder coated baked paint and convenient sizes from 4 to 16 inches. Speed controllable and balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation. The company states that the Vortex Powerfan is the first industrial inline duct fan that comes with a power cord, ready to plug in, installed by the manufacturer.

Bananza (www.bananza.com) featured its new UHA Series of axial fan tubular unit heaters. Sales manager Mark Rice stated the heaters have direct spark ignition burners, which result in reliable ignition. In addition, they have a longer life and less maintenance due to the optional stainless steel heat exchangers. The heaters feature variable air throw direction with adjustable horizontal louvers and optional adjustable vertical louvers. They are ideal for smaller spaces, as they feature a low-profile design.

Broan (www.broan.com) displayed its Ultra Silent™ Series humidity sensing fans and fan/lights, which won the 2007 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the category of ventilation. The fans feature Sensaire® technology, which senses increases in moisture at the ceiling and automatically exhausts the moisture, turning off once the room’s normal humidity level is reached.

Since it’s never necessary to turn on the fan, marketing communications manager Karen Collins stated, “The Ultra Silent is ideal for problem areas in residential, institutional, and light-commercial applications. It is also the perfect solution for high-traffic bathrooms, or a kid’s bathroom.”

Also highlighted in the Broan booth was its SmartSense® Intelligent Ventilation System, which is an energy-efficient solution to meet the intermittent and continuous ventilation requirements of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 62.2. The SmartSense technology, combined with the UltraSilent fans, create an integrated ventilation system in the home. Individual fans that once worked independently can now work together to ensure fresh air throughout the day.

Continental Fan Manufacturing displayed many of its new products, which included a line of bathroom fans and a number of different impellers.

Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.(www.continentalfan.com) introduced a whole host of new products. The TBF Superior bathroom ventilation fan, was engineered to provide superior efficiency and performance. According to spokesman Jim Paron, the fans offer quiet and effective ventilation for bathrooms and are available in lighted models, as well as with optional decorative grilles.

The APW direct drive panel fans feature spark-resistant cast aluminum airfoil axial impellers and aerodynamically efficient performance. The fans are available in sizes ranging from 14 to 60 inches and direct drive capacities up to 60,000 cfm.

The CEC motorized impeller features an electronically commutated external rotor motor and a high-efficiency backward curved aluminum impeller. Electronics are an integral part of the motor, and capacities are available to 7,800 cfm.

The DX backward curved dc motorized impellers are quiet and efficient and include a 100 percent controllable dc external rotor motor. The impellers are available in capacities to 715 cfm and are in stock in 24 and 48 vdc.

The KRD and PRD radial blade blowers feature self-cleaning wheels and a polyester powder coat finish. They are available in single- or three-phase TEFC motors and with or without a motor. The blowers have a compact design and welded 16 gauge steel housing and motor base.

The HRV hooded roof ventilators can be used in both supply or exhaust applications, as well as in direct drive or belt drive arrangements. The roof ventilators are spark resistant and available in sizes ranging from 24 to 60 inches.

Broan's booth included the frame of a house, which better demonstrated its new SmartSense Intelligent Ventilation System.

UDVL, UBVL, and UBV upblast roof ventilators feature a low silhouette and standard upblast designs. They have a galvanized damper section and a spark resistant, cast aluminum airfoil axial impeller. Sizes range from 18 to 60 inches and capacities range to 54,000 cfm (direct drive) or 61,000 cfm (belt drive).

ebm-papst(www.ebmpapst.us) highlighted its new EC-Giants line of fans and blowers, which are a product extension of the EC motor range. Spokesman Bill McBaine said the EC-Giants have an external rotor motor with electronic commutation technology and completely integrated drive and control electronics. These motors have been designed to generate extremely low acoustical noise from advanced drive electronics and 3-D backward curved impellers or sickle-shaped axial fans. EC fans run cool resulting in less energy needed to rid systems of excess heat. They are entirely speed controllable which can result in up to 60 percent savings in energy costs.

Also displayed were the company’s line of AC-Giants, which are available with centrifugal fans of 18 to 22 inches and axial fans of 20 to 30 inches. The AC-Giants offer minimal mounting depth and very low noise, but offer a high efficiency.

Fantech (www.fantech.net) introduced its FG Series of inline duct fans, which feature galvanized steel housings and longer duct connections to speed installation. Kathie Perry, director of marketing, noted that these fans are virtually airtight inline duct fans. Selection includes 12 different models with duct connections from 4 to 12 inches and capacities from 135 to 940 cfm. Fans are prewired and include a bracket for mounting to the wall or ceiling. Straight-through airflow allows fans to be installed at any angle at any point along the ductwork.

MetalPress (www.metalpress.co.il) showcased its new line of aluminum grilles and diffusers. The Studioline includes various styles of round and square ceiling diffusers.

Mechanovent (www.mechanovent.com) introduced its DWDI forward-curved fans, which are designed to provide the best value to OEMs for their air handler applications. Sales manager Dana Wade explained the fans feature powder-coated, rugged housing, and robust, square side support frames. The fans are available in 10 sizes, ranging from 9- to 30-inch wheel diameters and capacities to 32,000 cfm.

The company also displayed its new Square Fans, which combine heavy-gauge, industrial construction with the convenience and economy of a direct drive design for tight footprints. Square Fans are designed for clean-air applications, including pneumatic conveying, product drying, product cooling, supply air, and exhaust on the clean-air side of dust collection systems.

Soler & Palau Canada(www.solerpalaucanada.com) introduced its TD-Mixvent inline mixed flow duct fans, which have been specially designed to maximum the airflow performance with minimal noise levels within the smallest and most compact of casing sizes. Ray Gatt, vice-president of sales, wholesale division, explained that the TD-Mixvent Series has been designed with the contractor in mind, as all models include a removable body feature that enables the motor-impeller assembly to be completely removed or replaced without the need to interfere with the attached ducting.

Taking a cue from nature, Ziehl-Abegg designed a new fan based on how quietly owls can fly.

Titus (www.titus-hvac.com) announced its new DynaFuser™ auto changeover diffuser. Features include intelligent air management, energy savings, and enhanced comfort. The innovative patent-pending technology does not require power.

Triangle Engineering of Arkansas(www.trianglefans.com) displayed its new GPX general-purpose exhaust fans, which are designed for continuous operation in workshops, barns, poultry houses, greenhouses, garages, or “anywhere air movement is required to control condensation and reduce stagnant air.” The fans are easy to install and available with 12-, 16-, 20-, and 24-inch fan blades. The fans feature heavy-gauge galvanized steel frames to reduce rust and corrosion.

Twin City Fan Companies(www.tcf.com) introduced is TCLB tubular centrifugal inline fan. Brad Jacobson, vice president of sales, stated the fans are specifically designed for cost effective, reliable air movement in commercial and light industrial ducted medium-pressure applications. The backward inclined fan wheel provides higher efficiencies and lower sound levels than axial type fans. TCLB fans can be horizontally, vertically, or roof mounted.

The company also displayed its new BCRD-E Endurex™ housing belt driven downblast centrifugal roof exhauster. The exhausters are available in wheel diameters ranging from 8.5 to 27.95 inches and capacities from 180 to 8,700 cfm.

Ventamatic(www.bvc.com) showcased its new line of bath and kitchen ventilation fans. NuVent fans offer a complete line of patented residential ventilation products that provide builders, contractors, and homeowners new solutions for all their home ventilating needs. NuVent offers five product lines, and each line fits into one universal housing, which is prewired to accept any product in the line. Fans, fan-lights, combination units with heaters - all with different styles and features - and just five housings. This flexibility in installation means that last minute changes or subsequent upgrades are no longer a problem.

Worth Home Products(www.worthhomeproducts.com) introduced its line of luxury return air grilles. These primed New Zealand pine air grilles replace ordinary metal grilles and can be painted to match any décor. The grilles fit most standard return air openings, hold a 1-inch filter, and are simple to install.

Ziehl-Abegg(www.ziehl-abegg.us) had an interesting display that introduced show attendees to its FE 2 Owlet axial fan. Duncan Russell, executive vice president, explained that the fan design is based on bionics; that is, taken from nature and applied to science. “We asked ourselves, ‘Why is the owl the best hunter?’ The reason why is it’s extremely quiet and its wings have a serrated edge. They’re quiet in flight.”

Ziehl-Abegg used those principles in its newest fan, so the blades have serrated edges and are thicker on the leading edge and thinner on the trailing edge - just like an owl’s wing. The fans feature low noise and reduced operating costs, and the die-cast aluminum fan blades, hub, and motor parts are strong with high corrosion resistance.

Publication date:02/19/2007