The water-cooled VRV® (VRV®-WII), an air conditioning system that utilizes water as a heat source, is the next generation unit in the VRV® line. According to the manufacturer, the unit offers an energy-saving alternative to traditional centralized equipment. It is available in three outdoor cabinet sizes of 5, 6, and 7 tons and uses a modular approach to serve a single system up to 21 tons in 7 different capacity combinations. At only 330 pounds and measuring less than 40 inches high, applying it to decentralized plant rooms is easy, while keeping space impact to a minimum. The system is designed to fit taller and larger applications operating with a closed-loop cooling tower or dry cooler and boiler operations. The VRV-WII allows for extensive refrigerant piping, enabling several spaces to be cooled by a single refrigerant circuit. It uses the same inverter technology that is used with the company’s air-cooled systems, but extends the application of VRV products by utilizing the VRV indoor units and controls options.

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