CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Sanyo HVAC has announced the launch of its HVAC Applied Products Division. The new division will focus on supporting the sales, training, and service of Sanyo's ECO-i Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems.

According to the company, being an applied product, Sanyo will staff this division with specially trained applications and sales engineers who will provide consulting assistance on system layout and design. The technical and service group will provide installation and service training, telephone technical support, and initial start-up assistance at jobsites.

Sanyo’s VRF systems have been developed to be ecologically sound and energy efficient. Designed for hospitals, nursing homes, and other commercial properties, they use an inverter-driven compressor to maintain a constant temperature, thus saving energy and keeping the environment at a comfortable temperature. According to Davis Watkins, VP Applied Systems, "Inverter technology maximizes capacity quickly to allow a room to reach the required temperature more rapidly than non-inverter systems. In addition, inverter technology eliminates the frequent stopping and starting often required by standard systems in order to maintain consistent temperature conditions." Rather than starting the motor up and stopping it when the desired room temperature is reached, Sanyo's DC Inverter Technology adjusts the speed of the compressor in order to maintain the desired temperature in the most efficient manner.

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Publication date:02/12/2007