The Automatic Disc Filter (ADF) is an automatic, self-cleaning, plastic disc filter. The ADF systems, available in different sizes, can be configured to meet any flow requirement and to handle various water qualities. Water enters through an inlet pipe at the bottom of the filter housing. As the water enters the base of the filter chamber, it passes through “fin plate” blades, which force the water to enter the filter chamber with a vortex effect. As the water swirls within the filter chamber, some of the dirt particles are forced outward and upward and collect on the wall of the upper part of the filter chamber, where they remain until the next flushing cycle. The water flows from the outside of the disc stack to the inside, passing along the specially designed grooves on the surface of the discs, which catch the suspended material. The stack of discs is held compressed by the piston on top. Clean filtered water flows out of the filter from the center outlet. The maximum flow rate per unit varies between 25 and 33 m3/h, depending on the filter type. The filter has a filter area of 1,490 cm2and maximum working pressure of 10 bar.

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