ROCKVILLE, Md. - Approximately 80 contractors and service representatives responded to a Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Green Survey, showing that a strong majority of MCAA contractors and service professionals view "green and sustainable" as an emerging trend and a business development opportunity. However, members indicated that known green building development resources are lacking, and they are not comfortable finding and applying resources to emerging green and sustainable projects. The majority of survey responders are not currently involved in this emerging field.

In response to the survey, MCAA is developing a new course, Green 101, to be taught by Professor Tim Wentz of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A new National Education Initiative (NEI) offering, the course will target those contractor/service professionals who want to learn how to identify green and sustainable business opportunities, how to apply these concepts to increase volume and strengthen market share, and how to "brand" their firms.

To see the actual survey and responses, go to and click on "See the Green Survey Results."

Publication date: 11/13/2006