Noise, fire, condensation, and heat loss are not a problem for the Owens Corning QuietR™ duct board explained the demonstrator.

DALLAS - Bio products, leakage, and IAQ were top concerns for duct product manufacturers at the 2007 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo). This year’s new products emphasized the importance of reduced leakage and its direct correlation to higher energy efficiency. As manufacturers addressed these issues - including California’s Title 24, leak testing, insulation, and inspection - their products reflected a commitment to environmental safety and installation ease.


Air-Care™( displayed its DLT-2006 duct leakage testing system. Designed specifically for the diagnosis of duct leakage in the HVAC system, the DLT-2006 provides a full range of flow rates without mechanical reconfiguration. The testing results appear as an easy-to-read homeowner report or a more detailed technical report. The unit features an air mover with solid-state power supply and speed controller; a tilt-up instrumentation shelf that sits on top of the air mover, reaching desk height; a wheeled carrying case with extendable handle; and a CD with software for report generation.

CertainTeed Corp.( unveiled the ToughGard® Max duct liner. ToughGard Max blends the thermal performance of rotary liner with the durability and easy handling of textile liner, according to the company.

It utilizes InsulSafe, Certain-Teed’s blowing insulation, to help create a product that is moisture resistant and able to be cleaned. ToughGard Max features an enhanced R-value, high acoustical values, and a composition that promotes healthy IAQ. In addition, the surface has an Environmental Protection Agency-registered anti-microbial agent for added protection, and it resists tearing, puncturing, and wear during installation and maintenance.

Ductmate Industries Inc.( introduced its GreenSeam™ sealed snap lock seam pipe. Primarily used in residential and light commercial ductwork, this new product has a pre-installed gasket that seals the longitudinal seam once snapped together. GreenSeam is a product that has been developed to target high-efficiency systems that are being developed to conform to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other green building initiatives. According to the company, GreenSeam pipe reduces leakage, creating higher efficiencies and lower fuel costs. It is available in 24, 26, and 30 gauges, and comes in 24-, 60-, and 120-inch lengths.

Ductsox®( highlighted two new duct products addressing IAQ and interior design. The D-Fuser is a new fabric faced diffuser designed for critical environments such as research and educational laboratories, pharmaceutical applications, and vivariums. It consists of a metal backpan - available in 24 by 48 and 24 by 24 inches, a powder-coated aluminum face frame, and a fire retardant, woven fabric face consisting of up to 50 percent recycled content. The fabric face is made with Rx100™ and Rx200™ fabrics, is treated with an active antimicrobial agent, and is United Laboratories Inc. (UL)-classified. The product is available in three different flow patterns - Lami-Flow™, Radial Flow™, and Select Flow™.

The company also offered four new color pattern options in its new line of fabric ductwork - the Designer Series Patterns. Not only does the series come in galvanized, cork, harvest, and camouflage colors, but it also is available in custom colors.

Rotobrush’s IC Cam video inspection equipment allows contractors to see into small, dark, hard-to-reach places, including heat exchangers.

DuraTite™Systems LLC ( showcased its Dura-Tite Systems™ polypropylene trunk line take-off collar. Constructed of blended plastic, the damper system features an internal lip that seals tighter than metal dampers, according to the company. The new Clip and Zip™ fastening system and double-sided adhesive gasket allow contractors to secure the take off quickly and effectively. The unit also allows preassembly. It is available in 6-, 7-, and 8-inch models, and can be used with duct board or sheet metal trunk lines as well as flex or metal ducts.

Inova Products Inc.( unveiled its Activent room temperature regulator. Designed to allow the consumer to have control of overheated or overcooled rooms, this battery-operated, electronically controlled air register opens or closes to maintain a constant room temperature. The Remote Temperature Controller (RTC) permits the homeowner to set the desired temperature for the room and then communicates with the louver system to maintain the desired temperature. It has a heater mode for use in winter and an a/c mode for summertime.

Johns Manville( displayed the EnviroAire Formaldehyde-free™ duct board at the expo. The inside of the duct board is lined with a blue EnviroCoate™ reinforced coating system that is treated with an antimicrobial agent. This treatment protects the airstream surface against damage from the potential growth of mold, bacteria, and fungus. According to the company, benefits of the coating system include a healthier living environment, improved IAQ, consistent comfort from room-to-room, no popping or airflow noise, and higher energy efficiency.

M&M Manufacturing Co.( introduced its R-6 DucTite® insulators. These factory-installed insulators are available for the 602R6 DucTite® register boxes. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) is made from 100 percent recyclable materials and leaves no exposed fibers in the airstream. The field-recognizable, green collar slides onto the fitting and requires no additional taping or sealing. It also provides a closed cell vapor barrier and is available in 4- to 12-inch sizes.

Owens Corning Insulating Systems LLC(www.owenscorning. com) featured its rigid, resin bonded QuietR™ duct board. It features a durable mat airstream surface that isolates the glass fiber substrate from the airstream and inhibits penetration of the insulation by dirt, dust, and other pollutants. It also includes an EPA-registered biocide that protects the airstream surface from microbial growth, including fungi and bacteria. The QuietR duct board is damage resistant, flame retardant, and covered in reinforced aluminum foil facing.

According to the company, it eliminates radiant heat loss and condensation problems, and absorbs equipment, fan, and air movement noise, creating a quieter environment.

Rotobrush® International LLC( showcased the IC Cam. This new piece of video inspection equipment features a 3/4-inch diameter camera illuminated with six LED headlights. It has a flip-out, 4-inch LCD allowing the inspector and customer to see any dirt buildup or duct damage.

According to the company, HVAC contractors can also use this equipment to see into small, dark, hard-to-reach places, including heat exchangers.

Ruskin Co.( featured multiple new products at the expo this year. Its Pressure Seal Damper (PSD), designed for application in isolation and bubble-tight projects, provides a cost-efficient solution where zero-leakage is required. The pieces are available in standard sizes of 12- to 42-inches square or round inside duct dimensions, and transitions are available for smaller requirements from 4 to 11 inches.

Its slide bar linkage provides sealing properties while utilizing the existing system pressure. The PSD one-piece, dished blade seals the entire perimeter of the airway opening with a 1/4-inch thick neoprene, closed-cell gasket. For manual operation, the PSD is offered with a worm gear operator and hand wheel. For powered operation, the company can provide factory-mounted electric or pneumatic actuators to fit exact needs.

Other new products introduced by Ruskin included the CD50-LIN and the CD60-LIN control dampers with linear airflow, and the new EME520MD hurricane louver. Ruskin’s CD50-LIN and CD60-LIN have been designed to correlate airflow response to the control signal input through the use of a factory-mounted programmable actuator. These dampers are said to decrease uncomfortable conditions for building occupants, wasted energy, and premature equipment wear.

The new EME520MD hurricane louver is not only designed to resist impacts and high wind loads, but it is also designed to help minimize wind-driven rain. This horizontal blade model is Miami-Dade-approved for impact resistance and ±140 psf wind load. It is qualified for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The hurricane louver, available with a variety of finishes, including Kynar and anodize, features AMCA-certified Class A wind-driven rain resistance in the 29 mph/3 inch per hour rain test at 1,327 fpm free area intake velocity.

Each one has an integral front flange frame, sleeve, and retaining installation angles. It is approved for use in any wall material type (concrete, wood, metal, etc), and requires no wall anchors.

Seal-Tite®( introduced its Green Label fittings for reduced leakage in residential and light commercial air distribution systems. These fittings are designed and manufactured to comply with California’s Title 24 and International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC) standards, defined as “substantially leak free” - less than 5 percent leakage at 25 Pa. The Green Label duct fittings have double-lapped, mechanically seamed corners and joints that do not require sealing.

Publication date:02/19/2007