SAN DIEGO - National HVAC and plumbing acquisitions firm Buckeye Ventures has named Ronald Smith to the company’s board of directors, and Alfred Roach Jr. as chairman of the board. Buckeye Ventures was founded to acquire top-performing HVAC and plumbing contractors. It currently has two completed acquisitions, two more in due diligence, and several in the pipeline, according to Alan Mintz, CEO, Buckeye Ventures.

“These new appointments demonstrate clearly that Buckeye Ventures isn’t only about acquiring businesses, but also about acquiring expertise,” said Mintz. “I’ve had the good fortune to work with and learn from both Ron and Al for many years, it’s like having two hall of famers on our team.”

Smith joins Buckeye Ventures after a 45-year career in the contracting industry. He is most well-known through Ron Smith & Associates, the HVAC training and consulting company he operated.

“I’m very proud to have been invited to join the board,” said Smith. “All it takes is a quick look at the people who are committing themselves to the success of Buckeye Ventures, and it’s clear that there’s something special going on here. I’m confident that the companies which are part of this organization - and the customers they serve - will benefit from the extraordinary expertise and insight this team has to offer.”

Roach first joined Buckeye Ventures’ board of directors in June 2006. He is widely known as one of the principal architects of flat-rate pricing.

“From top to bottom, Buckeye Ventures is made up of people who know what it means to run a local contracting company,” said Roach. “I’m excited to be part of this.”

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Publication date:12/11/2006