DALLAS - Aprilaire noted that its Model 1700 Whole-Home Dehumidifier is designed to enable contractors to address high humidity problems in homes with an effective and affordable solution.

When a whole home dehumidifier is installed with an air conditioning unit, a large range of temperature and rh conditions are available within the comfort window. Homeowners have the ability to choose their own comfort level at effective temperatures between 71 and 82.5°F.

The 90-pint/day Aprilaire dehumidifier is a whole-house unit that features flexible installation options allowing it to be installed in attics, closets, crawlspaces, etc. Built-in intelligence allows for automatic control, as well as automatic fan cycling, which allows for improved humidity and temperature balance throughout the house. Aprilaire also announced the redesign of its small bypass humidifier, the Model 550. The new unit has been renamed the Model 500 and features a quick reversible housing so that no tools are needed for left or right discharge.