OTTAWA - Gary Lunn, minister of natural resources, has announced the ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative to encourage Canadian homeowners, businesses, and industry to use energy more wisely.

The $300 million initiative provides financial incentives for retrofitting existing houses, buildings, and industrial processes.

Components of the ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative include: the $220 million ecoENERGY Retrofit program that will offer homeowners, along with smaller businesses and organizations, the support and information needed for successful retrofit; the $60 million ecoENERGY for Buildings and Houses that will encourage the construction and retrofit of more energy-efficient building and houses; and the $20 million ecoENERGY for Industry program that aims to accelerate energy-saving investments and the exchange of best practices information within Canada’s industrial sector.

Details about how to apply for ecoENERGY retrofit grants will be available when the program starts in April 2007.

Publication date:03/26/2007