ST. LOUIS - Nordyne reorganized its parts department and has established parts as a core business unit within Nordyne Inc. Partners Choice, directed by Ozden Karakurt, began in early 2006 with a change in the parts business direction. The division offers a new and broader variety of parts and accessory products. A new look has also been established and is supported with packaging, a “Choice Distributor” store merchandising program, monthly specials, and online support services.

“Partner's Choice is the aftermarket arm of Nordyne,” noted Karakurt. “For the last few years we have dabbled in the aftermarket parts business, but in last two years we have seen a need to achieve an optimal mix of parts and service with the equipment side of the business.”

Parts Quest, an online searchable database, allows distributors to search for a particular part by SKU number, part number, unit series, and specific unit model number. In addition, this service provides a comprehensive list of all parts found on a particular unit and an exploded view of the unit.

“Our main goal is to focus on core service parts such as compressors, motors, capacitors, contactors, transformers, and relays,” said Karakurt. “Later we will add more focus on installation parts items, and even later add a focus on the more heavy consumable items such as line sets, screws, and sheet metal, etc.”

Policies and ordering procedures can be found online along with return and warranty procedures. Distributors are able to price, determine availability, and order parts. They can then check on an order to determine actual ship date, method of transit, and tracking information, etc.

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Publication date:04/09/2007