NORWALK, Conn. - EMCOR Group Inc. announced a 15.4 percent reduction in recordable accidents in 2006, helping the company to achieve a 36.5 percent reduction in recordable accidents since 2003. According to the company, this has been accomplished in the midst of increased labor hours.

During 2006, EMCOR companies worked more than 59 million hours, an increase of approximately 7 percent over 2005, while experiencing a decline in accidents to levels below those recorded in 1999 when the company worked only 24 million labor hours.

“While we’re extremely proud of our safety record and continued improvement in reducing the number of accidents across the entire company, it is not enough, nor will we be satisfied, until we achieve our goal of zero accidents,” said Frank MacInnis, chairman and CEO of EMCOR Group.

“Therefore, constant improvement in safety will remain a key focus and passion for us in 2007.”

As another key strategy to achieve zero accidents, EMCOR is launching a cross-company campaign comprised of workplace posters, displays in operating company newsletters, mailings, and a number of other tactics. “Be There For Life,” is designed to educate employees and their families about the importance of safety.

Coinciding with the 2007 roll-out of this campaign, and as part of its continuing education of employees in support of its goal of zero accidents, EMCOR will be conducting regional “Target Zero” safety conferences, bringing together industry experts from its operating companies and partners to share information and successful strategies.

“Every day an EMCOR operating company prevents accidents by implementing the principles of our Zero Accident Program (ZAP),” said Dave Copley, vice president, safety and quality management for EMCOR Construction and Facilities Services. “The result is that every month approximately one-half of our companies work without a recordable accident. We take great pride in this success.”

Publication date:02/12/2007