PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO - Contractors from various home services industries, including HVAC, attended a two-day sales seminar hosted by the Success Academy, the training company of Clockwork Home Services Inc.

The course, “Success Passport: Rewarding and Growing Your Top Producers Through Adventure,” covered an assortment of topics, including the importance of continuing sales education; understanding that closing a sale is a process; the art of prospecting to build a business; the specific steps to creating a masterful presentation; how to communicate and lead a conversation with questions; how to handle and eliminate objections; and the 37 powerful close techniques that are guaranteed to get a “yes.”

“The seminar was incredibly valuable. I walked away with a lot of closing techniques that I’ve been able to easily implement in the field,” said Chad Hawkins, Oronoco, Minn. “Even better, I had a chance to network with top performers from all different types of contracting industries. I could pick their brain to see how they best serve both their customers and their companies.”

More than a sales class, contractors also used Success Passport as a way to reward their top-producing team members for their hard work. The course involved a variety of sales-oriented games and time was built into the schedule for attendants to enjoy local activities.

Publication date:01/22/2007