NORCROSS, Ga. — Arzel Zoning customers can access sales, maintenance, and installation training on With a click of a mouse, contractors can learn to install and maintain Arzel Zoning systems.

“The five programs we produced will allow our customers to train their employees on how to sell, install, and service our zoning systems,” said Dennis Laughlin, general manager for Arzel Zoning. “This gives them access whenever they want and the ability to train a new employee without having to have an Arzel Zoning representative to visit their location.”

The Arzel programs include: Why Sell Zoning, Designing Arzel Zoning Systems, Selling Arzel Zoning Systems, Installing Arzel Zoning Systems, and Servicing/Maintaining Arzel Zoning Systems. All programs are available 24/7 on The Installing and Servicing programs require a free password, which can be obtained by calling Arzel at 216-831-6068.

“Viewers of these programs have incredible flexibility,” said Ruth King, manager. “They can watch the programs at their leisure and whenever they need to. Viewers can watch them anywhere a standard dial-up modem connection to the Internet exists. Broadband is not needed.

“We're excited to work with Arzel Zoning and we look forward to helping more of their customers use this very cost effective and convenient medium for learning.”

For more information, contact Dennis Laughlin at 216-831-6068 or Ruth King 770-729-0258.

Publication date: 07/21/2003