BERKELEY, Calif. - Dust Networks has announced the availability of SmartMeshâ„¢, a wireless mesh networking platform designed for low data-rate sensor networking applications in building automation, industrial monitoring, and security. According to the company, SmartMesh combines mesh networking software and battery-powered wireless nodes to provide reliability and ease of installation.

Using the SmartMesh wireless networking system, businesses can reduce the cost of deploying, installing, and managing a sensing and control network, says the company. SmartMesh is said to be easy to install; the self-configuring network requires no site survey, no RF knowledge, and no device-level management, the company says. The wireless system can be used for such applications as energy monitoring, HVAC systems, machine-health monitoring, and perimeter security.

"Full mesh networks have traditionally demanded line power due to each node's role as both a data collector and a router," said Joyce Putscher, director and principal analyst, In-Stat/MDR. "Dust Networks' SmartMesh technology has evolved to ensure the flexibility of wireless and the reliability of a full mesh network in a solution that can run for multiple years on simple AA batteries. For customers, this dramatically reduces the costs of installing, deploying, and maintaining a wireless sensing solution."

The SmartMesh system includes the networking software, network interface device, and low-power wireless communication nodes.

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Publication date: 10/04/2004