MALTA, N.Y. - Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI), a building performance credentialing, quality assurance, and national standards organization, announced that it has launched a new Website at

BPI, which supports the development of a highly professional building performance industry through individual and organizational credentialing and a quality assurance program, plans to use this Web platform as an interactive communication medium to disseminate relevant information and to receive feedback. According to the organization, upon entering the new site, visitors will be greeted by a user-friendly interface. The new nested menu system has been designed to allow those seeking information about BPI to quickly obtain the information needed.

Features on the front page include a new "BPI National Expansion News" section. Another feature is the new interactive "Events" calendar. The calendar benefits the user by providing important dates, times, locations, and links to training, meetings, conferences, and other activities.

According to BPI chief executive officer, William J. Parlapiano III, CIAQ, "Our focus at BPI is on raising the bar in building performance contracting. I see this throughout the new site, as the staff and our Web contractor have done an excellent job enhancing the value proposition to our Web visitors. Providing relevant information will empower the BPI professional to compete in the building performance marketplace, and that is important to our clients in a competitive business environment."

Enhanced features include "Shop BPI," an online store where BPI branded materials, as well as books, reference manuals, tools, and instruments may be purchased. "Find a BPI Resource" for those seeking a BPI accredited organization, allows searches using a zip code and distance search tool. "Policies and Procedures" for certification, accreditation, quality assurance and more, is also available. "Info Exchange" provides visitors with access to the latest BPI national standards and BPI recognized training.

A new feature being launched is "Ask the Expert," where individuals accessing the site can submit an inquiry on any topic to BPI and receive an answer or solicit feedback from someone in the building performance industry network.

BPI stated it will continue adding new features and functionality to the site. One of the efforts already underway is the addition of online forms where users will be able to apply for certification, accreditation, recognized training, affiliation, proctoring, order examinations, and more, without the need to print and submit forms. BPI will also be able to accept news and events for near real-time posting. A "New Employment Opportunities" section for partners and affiliates, accredited contractors and individuals will be available to post and seek employment opportunities. Visitors will be able to sign up for an e-mail news service enabling them to self select what kind of information they want to receive.

A "Frequently Asked Questions" section will also be added to answer the most common questions.

Another coming attraction that BPI will be adding is password protected access where BPI certified professionals can access and update their certification data, continuing education hours, and examination scores. BPI accredited organizations will be able to access quality assurance data and receive important communications. BPI affiliates will be able to obtain information on examination sessions including statistical information to provide feedback that can assist the BPI affiliate with its training and course curriculum. Through a survey tool, consumers will be able to use the site to provide feedback on quality of work performed by a BPI accredited organization. BPI is also investigating the possibility of offering online testing for those interested in written examinations.

"BPI wants to hear your feedback about the new Website," said Parlapiano. "This is a living medium that will continue to grow and change as the needs of our users change. It is our expectation that visitors will come back again and again because the site will contain new and relevant information."

Publication date: 06/19/2006