ARLINGTON, VA — On Nov. 17, the board of directors for the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), adopted a policy statement on indoor air quality (IAQ). The statement says that when an HVAC system is properly designed, operated, and maintained, it can serve as a positive influence on IAQ.

The association said that it "supports the proper design, specification, maintenance, and operation of HVAC systems as a major part of the solution to most IAQ problems." It also "strongly supports additional research on the characteristics of good and bad IAQ."

The policy also says that “buildings are dynamic environments with a variety of elements that need to work together to create comfortable, productive, and healthy indoor environments. The building envelope and HVAC system operate together to create a balance maintaining good indoor air quality.”

Besides design, installation, maintenance, and repair, the ARI policy statement on IAQ also recommends basic research, guidelines, technology development, worker training and certification, standards of care, and informing consumers.

For further information on ARI’s policy, go to (website).

Publication date: 12/02/2002