BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. - Siemens Building Technologies Inc. announced that it has received Realcomm's 2006 "Digie" Award for its APOGEE® Wireless building automation system. Realcomm's Digital Innovation Awards recognize individuals and companies making the greatest impact on the commercial real estate industry in the area of technological innovation. Realcomm sponsors one of the largest annual commercial real estate and technology conferences and expositions.

According to the company, Siemens APOGEE Wireless uses mesh technology to create a self-forming, self-healing network. The mesh network topology helps ensure reliability by creating multiple redundant paths of communication so signals circumvent obstructions to find their target. APOGEE Wireless can provide increased occupant comfort, greater flexibility, and optimized control of HVAC systems.

"We are delighted APOGEE Wireless is being recognized by the industry, and we are honored to have received this prestigious award," said Kevin Osburn, vice president, systems & solutions, Siemens Building Technologies. "We remain committed to developing innovative solutions that provide value, efficiencies, and enhanced performance."

For more information on APOGEE Wireless, visit www.usa.siemens.com/wireless.

Publication date: 10/02/2006