WESTWOOD, Mass. - Acumentrics Corp. announced that it is exhibiting a new, fuel cell powered, home energy appliance at the Hannover Fair in Hannover, Germany. The AHEAD micro-CHP (combined heat and power) device generates heat and electricity directly from municipal gas or propane.

A model of the AHEAD micro-CHP, which is ready for field test and demonstration, is on display at the 2007 Hannover Fair, which runs from April 16-20.

According to Acumentrics, the AHEAD micro-CHP provides enough electricity to power the average home, with peaks being handled by the grid or batteries. Electricity is created electrochemically in an array of solid-state tubes. Extra electricity can be metered back to the grid. No hydrogen is required; it operates directly from propane or natural gas.

The AHEAD micro-CHP also contains a state-of-the-art hydronic boiler capable of supplying the heating needs of an average home. The hydronic system is designed to efficiently capture the excess energy from the hot fuel cells, and supplement peak thermal loads with a clean, high-efficiency burner. CO2 emissions are significantly reduced due to high overall conversion efficiencies as compared to conventional technologies.

"We are excited to show our newest product at the premier trade show in Europe," said Vikram Varma, Acumentrics' director of business development. "Our micro-CHP can truly bring modern, efficient technology to the home."

Acumentrics is a leading developer of solid oxide fuel cell products in the 250 W to 10 kW range. Its patented, tubular, solid oxide fuel cell generation uses in-situ reformation to run directly from natural gas, propane, and other hydrocarbon fuels at standard delivery pressures.

For more information, visit www.acumentrics.com.

Publication date:04/16/2007