ATLANTA - The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has announced that it is launching a market research program to help it better meet the needs of its members and others in the HVACR industry.

"It's vital that we have a better understanding of the needs of our members and others so we can better serve them with valuable products and services," said Kent W. Peterson, P.E., P2S Engineering of Long Beach, Calif., an ASHRAE volunteer leading the program.

The market research program involves collecting data from current members, former members, and non-members. As part of the assessment, ASHRAE will conduct a survey via e-mail of all of its current members as well as conduct focus groups and telephone interviews. Some 50,000 people are expected to be asked about how they use existing ASHRAE products and services, how those products and services could be improved, and what products and services should be developed to better assist the industry.

The effort will focus on consulting and design engineers, contractors, manufacturers and their sales representatives, and facility managers and building owners. The results of the research program will be delivered prior to ASHRAE's 2005 Winter Meeting, Feb. 5-9, in Orlando, Fla.

"The goal of this assessment is to facilitate changes in the way ASHRAE does business through strategic recommendations," said Peterson. "The market research program will deliver actionable strategic recommendations that will be used in ASHRAE's planning committee and throughout the Society."

Peterson leads a team of volunteers, staff, and market research consultants that are carrying out the program.

Publication date: 09/13/2004