CHANDLER, Ariz. - Following its recent move to a new location, Engenuity Systems Inc., a major LonWorks® and open system products distributor, has announced the availability of an online LonWorks interoperability demo. According to the company, the demo shows its state-of-the-art facility which uses multiple devices from over 15 manufacturers to highlight the capabilities and benefits of using LonWorks and open system products for building automation systems and energy management.

The demo is available to the public via the Engenuity Web site at and allows viewers to see the live status of a variety of systems in the facility, says the company. Starting with an HTML-based graphical user interface (GUI) being served by a LonWorks Web server, users enter the site and view a schematic of Engenuity's corporate headquarters. From there, visitors can view the status of a variety of systems including access control, lighting, temperature control, indoor air quality, security, and IP connectivity. Visitors can choose an area within the schematic and view all the systems for that area or they may use the side navigation to check the system status for the entire facility.

Additional features of the demo include full product information, links to other live demos, and links to 3rd-party monitoring companies that are logging and trending the data from Engenuity's facility and have the ability to send alarms to key employees when systems are malfunctioning.

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Publication date: 09/27/2004